Leasing BG/SBLC

We are direct Providers of Cash Backed Bank Gaurantees or Standby Letter of Credit from Top 25  Banks for which are for Leasing at the price of 6+ 2%…

Description of Instruments:

  1. Instrument:              BG/SBLC
  2. Total Face Value:    EURO/USD 5M-50B
  3. Issuing Bank:          HSBC, Barclays Bank London
  4. Age:                        One Year and One Day
  5. Leasing Price:          6% +2 of Face Value
  6. Delivery:                 Bank-To-Bank Swift.
  7. Payment:                 By MT103
  8. Hard Copy:             Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.


100% Non Recourse Loan

We are currently offering a Non-Recourse Loan against a Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC) as collateral with our Monetization Program. The Program allows you to generate Investments Funds which can be used for trade finance, constructions, credit enhancement, government funding, property investment and all round range of funding. We can provide 100% LTV Non-recourse loan with our BG Leased Monetization Program. Find below Our Transactional Procedures and Bank Transmission charges for the Delivery of our Cash Loan from our financial institution.


  1. The Lender shall carry our Financial, Corporate and Due diligence investigations on the Borrower’s company after the successful investigation and confirmation of the authenticity Borrower’s company/ identification by our legal department, the Lender and Borrower execute, sign and initiate this Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract to be lodge by both parties initiation of Swift Transmission.
  2. Within Three (3) Banking Days after the Legal department has successful verified the authenticity of the Borrower’s document, Our financial department shall send a copy of Letter Of Intent to Complete, Sign and Stamp.
  3. Within Two (2) Banking Days after the financial department has received and Confirm the Borrower’s sign and stamp Letter of Intent, Lender will issue a copy of Signed Contract to the Borrower to Complete and stamp then send back Countersigned to the Borrower to complete contract…click here for more info

SBLC Monetization

We offer 100% non recourse loan against BG/SBLC from top rated banks. Yes with our Monetization program we will provide you with a non recourse loan of 100% LTV, whereas If you provide BG, SBLC value $100M, we will provide you with a non-recourse loan for $100M USD cash (100%LTV) of the value of the instrument.

We are direct providers of cash backed bank gaurantees or Standby Letter of Credit from Top 25  Banks for sale at the price of 40+2%…
Bank Instruments Particulars:
Instruments           :  BANK GUARANTEE
Currency                :  Euro (€)
Bank Menu             :  HSBC, Barclays London
Contract Amount    :  50 Billion Euro with rolls and extensions
Term                     :  One (1) year and One (1) day
Age                      :  Fresh Cut (FC)
Interest                : Zero Coupon
Invoice Price          :  40+2% (1+1) of bank guarantee’s full face value
Face value              :  500 M € (FIVE HUNDRED MILLION Euros)
First Tranche           :  500 Hundred Million Euro (500’000’000.0€)
Consultant Fee        : +2% (1+1) of face value of BG
Screening                 :  EUROCLEAR or DTC
Transaction Mode   :  MT799 / MT760 Procedures
Asset Management
Many businesses and corporations regardless of size or stature will acquire and hold Assets of some nature.10 As the business grows, so does its assets, often through the growth process, the older assets or under-used assets may begin to take a lower priority over newer and larger assets used by the business. It may also be the case that assets may be acquired and used to secure loans, debts and other repayment obligations. Some assets are more liquid and used to create investment returns. Cash may be invested into bonds and other bankable securities and the business may utilize the returns and retain the capital on its accounts.
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