AMOUNT: $100M to $5B

LTV: 80%


1- Advance 5% the face value received, paid in 72 Hours after Swift receipt / verification.

2- Bullet Trade Program for 10 Days, with 200 % Profit.

3- Bullet Trade Program for 30 Days, with 800 % Profit.

4- Trade Program of 40 Weeks, with 100 % Profit.


Amount invested by the client: $100.000.000

Amount invested in the program: $80.000.000

1- Advance 5%, paid in 72 Hours: $5.000.000

2- Bullet Trade Program for 10 Days with 200 % Profit: $160.000.000

3- Bullet Trade Program for 30 Days with 800 % Profit: $640.000.000

4- Trade Program of 40 weeks, with 100 % Profit per week: $80.000.000

– Possibility of double bullet.

– Fresh Cut instruments workable with bank RWA.


DOCUMENTS: The client must provide a CIS + copy of the Bond / Bank instrument or a CIS + POF (bank statement or tear sheet).

DURATION: 12 Months

LOCATION: Switzerland

We have providers of  bank instruments issued by prime banks available for purchase or lease, the procedures are set by the provider and must be followed.


Subject to availability.

An SBLC or Standby Letter of Credit is similar to a Bank Guarantee.  BOTH are often used for the same purposes.  But the purchaser must be very careful.  You do not want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an instrument that you cannot leverage for your needs.  Without the proper pre advise language, many of them are virtually useless.  This is a MAJOR issue.

Century Capitol has the knowledge and experience to negotiate the proper Pre Advise so that when issued, the Bank instrument can be traded, leveraged, sold or negotiated.  Simply put, we take into consideration the needs of the Client BEFORE any attempt is made at leasing or purchasing a Bank Instrument. Our relationships can be leveraged to get the Purchaser the most favorable terms.

Being able to obtain the proper instrument, and understanding your project & what you are trying to do are both key to successful monetization. We want to make sure you get the lowest rates for purchase or lease of your SBLC, but that you also are able to leverage the Instrument, and profit from owning it.

Help us to help you by providing the following information for us to understand your needs.